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XE88 Games

Why not earn some money while playing games. If you are into online casino games, then XE88 games are there for you! XE88 game is one of the most popular slot games in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

They give you the opportunity to have some fun in your free time by playing your favorite slot games while earning money. The XE88 APK download process is easy, and you can play it on your IOS or Android device. Now let us tell you all there is to know about XE88 download.


What is XE88?

Even if you are new at slot games, XE88 is the perfect way of beginning your experience in this field. XE88 is the most frequently used online casino platform; with a fantastic interface and layout, it will keep your attention. The games are created by some of the best game developers on the market, so you can rest assured that you are in for some good fun.

The interface is easy to use, and it won’ be hard for you if you are a new user, so it won’t take a long time before you start loving XE88 game. The application has millions of users, so you know that you are in for something good and not a scam. XE88 is continuously growing, improving, and trying to make all of its customers satisfied.


How to Download XE88?

Downloading XE88 casino app is very easy; the only thing that you need to do is find the XE88 APK compatible with your operating system. Depending on your operating system, you need to look for XE88 IOS or XE88 APK Android. You can even download the online casino platform on your PC via Chrome or Mozilla. We prepare different versions of XE88 download APK links on top of this page, make sure you get the right XE88 app for your device.

Once the xe88 download is over, you need to install the application, and the installation process is easy; there are a few easy steps that are shown on the screen that you need to follow to install your XE88. Once XE88 game download is completed and successfully installed on your device, you can simply login into your account and start enjoying the games that you are probably already familiar with if you are not a new user.

But, if you are a new user, you will need to create your XE88 login account, which is also a very easy process with a few steps where you will give a few pieces of information about yourself before you start enjoying the game. Once you are done with creating the account, you can start exploring the online casino platform and find something that you will like. There are plenty of games to choose from; you can choose to play LIVE or select one of the varieties of slot games.

And if you need any assistance with creating your account, you can contact customer support, and someone will be there to assist you if you need help.


Is XE88 Safe to Use?

Yes, XE88 is exceptionally safe! You won’t have to worry about anything regarding your details and your money on your XE88 account. The XE88 is a licensed platform in not only one country but countries around the globe. And for a licensed, it has to go through a series of check-ups to make sure that the service provider’s customers would not be scammed. Don’t think even for a second that XE88 is not legit.

The information on your profile will also be protected with 128-bit encryption, and the platform is also not hackable. And even if there was a hacker that could hack the platform, he would not be able to get to your password if he did not break the encryption, which is basically impossible.

Plus their customer service is very professional and efficient, so if you were facing any problems or if you have any suggestions for the owners, you can contact customer support, and they will assist you with everything that you need.


Customer Support in XE88

When there is an issue on the platform, you sure rely on customer support to help you. When getting help from customer support on XE88, your agent serves as a line between you and the customer support. So you would report a problem to your XE88 agent, and the agent will report it to customer support. So we always suggest choosing an agent that has a 24/7 available customer support team.

When your agent contacts the customer support, you will get a response in no time because the customer support team at XE88 is very efficient, and they are there to provide you with all the answers to your questions and all the help you will ever need when using XE88.


Payment Methods on XE88

On XE88, payment is made through a casino agent. So how does it work? Whenever you want to put some deposit into your account, you would send the money to your agent, and the casino agent puts the money into your account, and if you want some money sent to you from your account, the casino agent will do it for you via a bank transfer. You are not doing it directly and on your own.

When it comes to choosing the perfect agent for you, we would suggest an agent that is located in the same country as you because the transactions will be done faster when you are in the same country, and you will be using the same currency. Also, try choosing a casino agent that will offer you the payment method that best suits your needs and one that will give you the bonuses and promotions you want and the excellent service you will need when you are using an online gambling platform.


Bonuses and Promotions in XE88

There are many ways to earn bonuses and promotions when it comes to XE88. Some of them are regular deposit bonuses, refer a friend bonus, and cash back bonuses that are given to you if you experience any losses when playing the games. Let us tell you a bit about all the bonuses and promotions you can have when playing on the XE88.


Deposit Bonuses

There are a lot of deposit bonuses that you can choose from in XE88. What do deposit bonuses mean? It means that every time you put a deposit into your account, you will have some extra money to play with.

Something that you should always look for is a match deposit bonus that is at least 3% and with minimum wagering. You can get a 3% match deposit bonus at XE88 with wagering of only 1x, and you can use it for as many times you want to as long as your minimum deposit is 10MYR/SGD.


How do wagering requirements work?

As we mentioned above, you should get yourself an agent that will have the best bonus offers that there are. So your casino agents can provide you with a bonus that you have to wager 1x,3x, 20x, etc.; this means that you have to wager your deposit plus your bonus for 1x, 3x, 20x, etc.

You put in a deposit of 100MYR/SGD, and you got a bonus of 3%, which is 30MYRD/SGD, and your wager is 9x, which means that you need to wager both of them nine times before you are able to withdraw your bonus and your deposit.


Slot Bonuses

When it comes to slot bonuses in XE88, it is the same as for the deposit bonuses, but they can only be used for slot games; you have to think about finding an agent that will give you the best bonuses with the least wagering. Some agents will provide you with bonuses of 10% with 1x wagering if your deposit is at least 10MYR/SGD. So if you deposited 100MYR/SGD, you would get an extra 10MYR/SGD with only having to wager your money one time before using your deposit and bonus money for playing slot games.

We suggest that you read all the terms and conditions whenever choosing a bonus to make sure you are getting something you need.


Earn Money By Referring A Friend

This is an excellent way of covering your losses in XE88. XE88 gives you the option to refer a friend or many friends, and by that, you will get 40% of the money they lost each month. The people that you recommend could be your friends, colleges and even people you don’t know, it doesn’t really matter, just follow the instruction given on the platform. Nobody in XE88 loses as much, but by recommending a few of your friends, family, etc. maybe you can cover your loses.


Games Found On XE88

The games that you can find on XE88 are very well made and are done by two of the best game developing companies out there. The games that they offer are modern, fun, and easy to play.

The graphics in the games are very enjoyable, and there is something to suit everyone out there, whether if you are a slot game lover or you like to play live casino games. Don’t think that with XE88, you will ever feel that the games are not fair because they are designed so that most of the players on XE88 make a lot of money.

When it comes to quality, the games on XE88 have the best quality games out here. The platform has easy access, and the games that you play on your PC will perform the same on your phone too. The games have thrilling and exciting features that will surely interest you.

Some of the XE88 slot games are:

Gold Coin, Cocktail Party, Oh My Hero, Ancient Forest, License to Win, Gold Rush, Money Bunny, Sun Wu Kong, Robin Hood, Fortune Panda, Seasons Greetings, Jin Qian Wa, Laura, Pirate, Amazon, Fortune Panda, Dolphin, Fairy Garden Plus, Magical Spin, Circus, Five Dragon, Water Margin, Victory, Green Light, Tally Ho, Dragon Gold, Enchanted Garden, Pay Dirt, Rally, T-Rex, Glamorous World, Golden Slut, Japan, Amazing Thailand, Iceland, Triple Twister, Stripper Night, Big Shot, Golden Lotus, Kimochi, Highway, Wong Choi, etc.

Some of the XE88 live table games are:

Roulette, Roulette24, Roulette73, Roulette12, Bulls, Dragon Tiger 3, Dragon Tiger 2, Dragon Tiger 1, Baccarat, Casino War, Poker Three, Scibo, etc.

Fishing games available on XE88 are:

Fishing Star, Likuipiyu and Da Sheng Nao Hai.



So what are you waiting for? Download XE88 APK for Android or IOS and enjoy playing online slot games or live table games in your leisure time. It is a way to relax while earning some money along the way. As we said above, the installation and download process is straightforward; it will take you around 5 minutes. The online gaming platform is very safe, so you won’t have to worry about your money being stolen in any way, the platform being a scam, or your account being hacked.

Enjoy many different types of games, and find the one that you like the most; as we said before, the games are made by some of the best game developers on the market, so you are sure in for something good. The graphics are impeccable, and the games are not giving you that overwhelming feeling, but you will feel relaxed, and you will be able to enjoy playing the games for hours.

The payment is made via some of the best and most reliable casino agents that will help you put the deposit in your account, or with your withdrawals, and even contact the customer support, so all that is left for you to do is play the amazing games that XE88 has prepared for you.

The customer support’s services are excellent, so rest assured that whenever you are facing a problem, it will be fixed in no time. The platform’s bonuses and promotions are also a good thing that you can enjoy while being a part of the XE88 community. All of the games on XE88 are easy to play, and you will never feel like they are a scam or like you can never win by playing them.

Download XE88 and start enjoying all of its perks.

This webpage was last updated on 19 July 2021. (All download links are up to date and safe to download)